Managing Anxiety in the Midst of a Crisis: Coronavirus

In just a very short time, peoples’ lives have changed dramatically.  We are either self-sequestering at home or we are quarantined.  Businesses and restaurants are closed.  We are socially isolated and even trips to grocery stores are fraught with worry.  Should we be wearing a mask and gloves to pick out our food?  What if someone gets too close in the check out aisle?   An activity that used to be on “automatic” and even pleasurable has now become about protecting ourselves from a potentially deadly virus.

Some suggestions on how to manage your anxiety.

  1.  Watch or listen the news but only for a short period of time and then turn it off.
  2. Borrow the concept of Hygge from the Danes.  Hygee is all about making ourselves cozy – drinking a cup of tea or cocoa, cooking and baking comforting foods, lighting candles in the house for their beauty, enjoying the outdoors, walking mindfully
  3. Read a book you’ve always wanted to read but have been too busy to read
  4. Crafts – if you’re so inspire, knit, needlepoint, crochet, collage,
  5. Any creative endeavor you enjoy – painting, writing, playing music
  6. Deep, mindful breathing and quiet moments of meditation –
  7. Mindfulness practice – enjoy each moment you have by noticing everything and everyone you love around you.
  8. Reach out to others by phone or social media -we are all in this together
  9. Remember that this can be a time of anxiety or a time of reflection and gratitude.  You have a choice on how you respond
  10. Bake bread – kneading is good for the soul
  11. Make your home environment as beautiful as you can.  Clutter or mess can contribute to anxiety.
  12. Embrace your life and be grateful for everyone and everything you have.
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