Learning new things during prolonged isolation

This  time of prolonged pandemic is a great time to learn new things – There are so many opportunities, thanks to the internet – for example, there’s a You Tube video for just about anything you can imagine – or never imagined. If you ever wanted to learn a musical instrument, now is time to do that – or if you want to write or paint or garden – yes, NOW is the time.

I’m awed by the possibilities – cooking, baking, reading, clutter clearing, dancing, pilates, yoga, meditation, new hobbies – the list in endless.

All it takes is your curiosity and your willingness to try something new. Depression and anxiety can get in your way now.  We can control many more things than we think-   Think outside the box  – We don’t need to fall deeper into our fears – cognitive behavioral therapy can help with that – and guess what?  good therapists are doing online sessions –

Go for it.  Be courageous in a time of uncertainty

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